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Our company called 'SONRICH' started on 18th December in 2013.Under the registration number bearing PV 96108 .

Generally our business has taken a different step. We have been focusing on marketing methods rather than marketing for 2 years from 2013 to 2015 . We have been investigating about below details from 2 years. what is the best marketing system for      Sri Lanka ? Is there a way to get products and services for customers without intermediaries? How to get the most benefit for the customer and how to reward the customer ? After researching all of them, we decided that network marketing was the right thing to do. During those 2 years , the following expenses were covered.

Payed the secretary free Maintained the building Maintained our page & our website Note: We are dealing with people’s bank (state-owned bank) Specially, we do all these things without any business involvement. On January in 2016 the company launched our first venture .From there we are making a huge journey in the field on network marketing. When we started our business as a network marketing plan in 2016 , the company became the 17th network marketing company in Sri Lanka. Then by the end of 1st year on December in 2016 , we were in 3rd place in Sri Lanka. Not only that , we have got the 1st place in 2017  with the new business rate .The vision of Mr.Krishantha udumullage , Founder of the institute and His Excellency's Plan have been a key factor in our success. Actually at the all times ,a five-member board of directors have joined with him. `SONRICH ASHIA’ company is the first company in Sri Lanka to offer a daily commission within 24 hours as a slip transfer like a salary through the bank .

Steps have been taken to provide the commission every day within 24 hours from the date of commencement. It's a special milestone • No company in the world has ever been able to provide a commission within a day(24 hours) . But( SONRICH) we did it.! Many companies  earn profits by selling goods from overseas. But  we are always ready to give opportunities for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs like for patentees, indigenous medicine , inventors, local practitioners and for local cosmetics makers. Sonrich has always been a global company so, by the  year 2020 Sonrich was able to create a cyber space for small and medium enterprises to do their own businesses like a platform. According to that platform We could do a big project called Every.lk by including all the news and gossips that people want. Our company operates on the concept of 4 win . Which means four winning pillars. 1)to win our customer . 2)to win our agent . 3)to win our company . 4)to win our little country.   So, according to that 4 win concept  we think our vision is clear. Totally We bring our country first in the world. That's our determination.!

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