Shan Rifkie

Last week, Three members joined this path Where everyone is successful. Mr.Shan Rifkie is still at the forefront of creating winners, Rapidly developing his leadership. Not only that He also became the first achiever of the `100 Core` in month of july.

Shalith Shyamal Was the 10th Member Of Bullet Train-1

Shalith Shyamal

Shalith started the business on 01/04/2019.
He completed ALs at Nalanda College and is engaged in the business while also recieving higher education.
Shalith did not show much promise at the beginning of the business, but in the last three months he was able to build a large team.
Facing numerous challenges and obstacles on the way he was able to accomplish this because he never gave up and always persevered through rejection and downfalls.
As a result he was able to produced the first three bullet train achievers of the entire company from his team.
With more hard work he himself achieved bullet train one
Because he had already helped his support liners to achieve bullet train before he attempted to achieve it, he was directly selected for bullet train-2 as the first bullet train achiever of the entire company

Super Core Leder Shan Rifkie Made Two Winners Of Bullet Train-1

I am fawmiya
I joined this business on 22nd of June 2020 Before entering into this business I was following a course I follow this business as a part time business I achieved the *BULLET* *TRAIN* on 13th of July 2020 I achieved this in 22 days I try my best to achieve more. -Fthima Fawmiya

Fathima Fwmiya

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