Self Study English Pack


Self Study English PackWe warmly welcome you to SONRICH ASHIA SPOKEN ENGLISH SELF-STUDY PACKAGE. There are 10 books and 5 CDs in this package under the theme ‘Speak in English from today’. This is a very practical course which is targeted to practise talking fluently in English.

Anyone who uses these 10 books and 5 CDs gets a good knowledge and using it, is your responsibility. Self Study English Pack
You can reach your target by writing and reading English sentences and by talking without hesitation with people who know English. If you use this self study package for 6 consecutive months you’ll definitely be able to talk in English. Most of the people postpone this day by day and they tell that they don’t have time as an excuse. If you can go on continuously with this programme you’ll definitely talk in English. More details regarding this is included in the 1st and the 2nd pages of the 1st book.
Our 4th book is a special book. Most of the people know how to use ‘can’, but they don’t have a proper knowledge about the other model verbs. There are 10 most important model verbs. You can learn the usage of these verbs, if you often use this book.
50 sentences patterns which are mostly used to talk in English are included in the 5th and the 6th book. Using these 50 sentences by heart, makes you speak fluent English. You’ll be able to learn special sentences patterns which can’t be found in any other self study package. 2 CDs are attached to these 2 books.
In the 7th book there are 20 dialogues for you to learn how to converse with someone and also you’ll be able to improve your pronunciation by listening to the CD. 
A list of vocabulary used in day to day life and the irregular verb list is included in the 8th book as those words are vital to talk in English. 
The 9th book is consisted of 100 proverbs, 50 tongue twisters, antonyms, synonyms etc. There’s a CD attached to this book too. 
There are 16 English songs in the 10th book and those songs are there in the given CD. You can sing those songs looking at the given lyrics while listening the song to improve your pronunciation. 
English Pack
Our intention is to see you successful by joining with us and following this self-study package. Don’t waste time to think. Start it today. Start it just now. Our wish is to see you talking fluently in English. Good luck!