`Tree For Tomorrow` CSR Project


'A TREE FOR TOMORROW ' is a concept what we have implemented for a green Sri Lanka and evidently Mr Krishantha Udumullage, the founder of our company, is the key figure in that concept.In 1960 the forest population of Sri Lanka was 50%. But before we started our operations in 2016, Sri Lanka's forest population had dropped by 36%. In this steadily way situation ,that population had again dropped by 27% or may be 28% . That is the main reason why we have started to follow our concept ' A Tree for tomorrow '. So according to that bad dwindling situation, we have to face for many negative effects. We have decided to bring the Sri Lankan forest population up to 40% with our own assuredly way . For this purpose, we chose two trees, - the bee tree and the kumbuk tree.

Why did we choose the kumbuk tree?, In ancient times, many riverbanks had kumbuk trees on either side. Because actually the root system of Kumbuk plants contains a lot of herbs which help to clean the water.The Kumbuk tree is also a good source of water because This tree can keep cool and stay strong in case of any natural disaster.The soil around the Kumbuk plant is fertile. A person who bathing in a river or stream near a Kumbuk tree ,that person will not get any skin diseases or other diseases because the medicinal properties of the tree are frequently mixed with water. That's why we confidently chose the Kumbuk tree for our concept.

Next we chose the bee tree.Why did we choose the bee tree? In the past, the bee tree was known as the fertilizer tree because There were bee trees on each side of the paddy field.The bee seeds nutritional value rate is higher than that urea.As a result, insects were lost and no pesticides were needed. That's why chemical fertilizer was not used in before. Foreigners who saw Sri Lanka being fed with rice ,and then they have decided to destroy bee tree and finally they have called that tree as an epidemic tree. Everything that was before has been destroyed by chemical fertilizer. So ,that's why we used the bee tree ,to prevent it. Absolutely we have decided to plant 100 lakhs of trees from both these plants name called that kumbuk and bee .Indisputably we need to continue our project name called 'A TREE FOR TOMORROW ' for our future generation and undoubtably for our future lives and accurately for our country .

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